What is TCF?

The fastest-growing online resource for today’s family - Honest advice for the moments not talked about.

The "moments not talked about" happen when someone realizes she often doesn't ovulate on day 14 of her cycle or when the stick has only one line month after month, or when one experiences pregnancy loss. These moments happen when a family needs a scan to show so much more than the baby's sex or a couple decides to divorce, or when parents struggle with others questioning their choices. While these moments differ from family to family, we all have them. Our goal is to provide honest, useful and realistic advice for when life or family throws us a curveball.


Trying to Conceive
Just starting out? Come learn the facts of conception based in science; not some sanitized, amped-up, and rose-colored version of building a family.

For 1 in 8 couples, the reality of growing their family is vastly different than what they were taught to expect. Find support for when life throws a curveball.

Miscarriage and Loss
For 1 in 4 women, loss becomes an unexpected reality of attempting to build a family. Come connect with others who understand what you’re facing.

Birth Month Boards
Come bond with other moms-to-be whose little ones will be arriving around the same time as yours! We know there are a million pregnancy questions you might want to ask- so do a search of your board first before asking- chances are someone may have already asked it! Don’t worry about being "delicate" with how you phrase your question- we all know pregnancy isn’t glamorous!

It’s ok if your life isn’t some sort of Better-Homes-Martha-Stewart-Pinterest-inspired wonderland. That’s not reality. Come and chat with other moms and dads about just about anything!

Looking for something else?
Our boards are a place for women and men living all over the world—a diverse group of people allied to the same purpose: to find people who understand our phase in life and share in the experiences. Come explore one of our 50+ other boards and find your niche.


What do our members have to say about TCF?

"As a working mom, I needed a place I could go with questions and gather advice on how to balance being myself, a mom, wife, and employee, as well as life in general. Then Comes Family has provided me with a safe environment I can gain valuable knowledge and express my opinions, while creating a feeling of "belonging" and friendship."

"I visited several pregnancy websites when I first found out I was expecting. I decided to join the TCF community because it's where I found the most honest and educated answers."

"I came to TCF at the beginning of my struggles with infertility, looking for information on treatments, testing, and success. While I did find all of that, I also found a group of amazing women to cheer for me, scream with me, and pick me up when I couldn't find the strength."