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Posted by toratoratori
Nov 9, 2015 15:45:36 GMT -5
Happy Monday, y'all! Sorry to be MIA last week. Registration began on Friday, so it was five days of students basically banging down my door with questions.

It sounds like everyone's Halloween was light on kids this year! Ours was too, but I think that was mostly because of the weather. It POUREDDDDDDDDD. We ended up taking C to the mall for her trick-or-treating. They were out of candy by the time we got there (seriously, guys? Plan better.) but that's fine because I would have felt weird collecting candy on behalf of a one-year-old. Mostly because it's pretty obvious that she's not going to be the one eating it :x She did get some stickers, though, and thoroughly enjoyed putting them in her mouth.

This was our first weekend in a LONG time where we didn't have anything big planned. We took a lot of naps, I got my hair cut, and we went to lunch with some friends yesterday. It was so wonderful and relaxing. I want to do it again every weekend from now on! ... Alas, my parents are in town next weekend. So much for that.

What did you guys do this past weekend? Any big plans for the week?
Posted by bonzo2012
Nov 9, 2015 19:22:00 GMT -5
It's another crazy work week for me! I haven't had a day out of paint clothes in...I think 10 days. The play I'm currently working on has definitely had some ups and downs, but it's a cute show and I'm excited about all the places this one is going (it's my first touring production!)
it's my birthday this week, and I'll be in rehearsal, but hopefully DH and I will get to do something nice next weekend together.
Posted by toratoratori
Nov 10, 2015 15:55:16 GMT -5
Happy almost birthday, !! What play are you setting up for?
Posted by bonzo2012
Nov 10, 2015 18:56:52 GMT -5
toratoratori Avatar
Happy almost birthday, !! What play are you setting up for?

This is a children's production of Red Riding Hood. Its pretty cute -- its written so that its a boy and a girl spending the night at grandma's house and they can't sleep so they act out the story of Little Red Riding Hood with stuff they find in the room.
Posted by lecky11
Nov 10, 2015 20:32:10 GMT -5
What day is your birthday ? Mine is tomorrow :) Nothing too exciting going on this week.
Posted by bonzo2012
Nov 11, 2015 0:55:54 GMT -5
Happy birthday ! Mine is Thursday.
Posted by lecky11
Nov 11, 2015 9:05:55 GMT -5
bonzo2012 Avatar
Happy birthday ! Mine is Thursday.

Thanks! Happy birthday to you!!
Posted by missjenniebean
Nov 11, 2015 14:57:14 GMT -5
Hey girls! Happy birthday fellow November babies!

Nothing going on her either. I did finally schedule her baptism! The deacon is being lenient and letting us record it since his parents are on the other side of the world and can't make it.
Posted by kaeguri
Nov 12, 2015 12:01:56 GMT -5
Happy birthday and happy belated !

, ha that reminds me I was at a restaurant and E was crying so the owner brought me grapes for her to suck on. She's 3 months. I tried to explain she was too young, but his english wasn't so good so I said thanks! And snuck them into my mouth when he wasn't watching bc I felt weird haha.

I started back working (from home) this week, and it's been interesting trying to work in between E's feeds, fussy fits, boredom spells, and nonexistent naps. I had to bring her into my office with me, 100 miles away, on Monday and she decided to just scream the whole time there. How do WAHMs do it????
Posted by bonzo2012
Nov 12, 2015 12:45:49 GMT -5
Good luck figuring out a schedule to work from home , I'd love to hear if you find something that works well. I work mostly from home now (when I'm not at a theater or meeting) so when we have a baby I'm planning to ease myself back into working when I feel ready (contract work = no set mat leave). But I won't be able to get up from gluing a model if the baby cries, so I'm not sure exactly what that will look like for me. Just one of the many things I over analyze even though I'm not even pregnant yet...
Posted by kaeguri
Nov 12, 2015 12:58:26 GMT -5
, I'm thinking of getting a standing desk. She's pretty content when I'm wearing her and standing/walking. Also, I have to work in spurts. I'm lucky if I get 30 min to work straight. She gets bored pretty easy, and I'm sure it's only going to get worse lol. And she doesn't nap much during the day. I think my best shot is to do most of my work at night when DH is home and can watch her. I do project based work, so I didn't have a set maternity leave. I'm just now starting back when E is 15 weeks. Just starting off on small projects writing permits to see if this will work before I commit to a larger project. Maybe yours will nap better than mine? I find if I talk to her, she's more content to just lay there, so I try to talk out loud or explain what I'm doing to her.
Posted by toratoratori
Nov 16, 2015 13:20:40 GMT -5
I was only able to telework when C was really tiny. Now, if she has a day off, I have to take the day off. She is so active and engaged and always wants my attention. It's exhausting!